Mercy For Animals Canada currently has underway several campaigns aimed at preventing cruelty to farmed animals and promoting compassionate food choices and policies. Campaigns are designed to expose animal abuses endemic in agriculture in Canada, to encourage consumers to explore and adopt a vegan diet, to advocate for better laws to protect farmed animals and for the enforcement of those laws that do exist, and to motivate businesses to eliminate the cruel treatment of animals.

Cruelty Investigations

Complying with all laws, MFA Canada conducts investigations into animal agriculture facilities in Canada. There is very little official oversight of these facilities and their daily operations. Moreover, they are private property and the public is prohibited from entering them.

MFA Canada serves as the eyes and ears of the public to document the inside of these facilities. Even standard agricultural practices are often shocking to many who see them for the first time.

Time and again, investigations conducted by MFA and other animal advocacy organizations have produced measurable and significant results for farmed animals. Footage obtained during investigations helps to raise awareness about how farmed animals are treated, assists with law enforcement efforts, and creates pressure on agribusiness and retailers to voluntarily phase out some of the more egregious practices commonly used on farmed animals.


Educating the public about farmed animal issues is an essential part of MFA Canada's work.


MFA Canada is available to deliver presentations on the plight of farmed animals in Canada, and what we as consumers and citizens can do to help. We are available to speak in high school and college classrooms, at conferences, for community organizations, and at other events, large and small.

The goal of MFA Canada’s presentations is to provide accurate information so people can make informed choices about the foods they eat while inspiring people to make more humane, sustainable, and healthy decisions. This is done in a respectful manner that helps stimulate thought, discussion, and critical thinking around the issues presented.

For more information and to request a speaker at your event, please contact us.


MFA Canada sets up exhibits at conventions, festivals, and other events, and distributes leaflets across Canada. Our literature is designed to inform the public about farmed animal issues, and the environmental, health, and ethical benefits of a vegan diet. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff and volunteers answer questions and engage in discussions.

Legal Advocacy

MFA Canada understands that not everyone is ready to become vegan and opt out of supporting animal agriculture with their consumer dollars. Therefore, we work to reduce the suffering that farmed animals endure while being raised, transported, and slaughtered for food.

MFA Canada works with law enforcement to ensure that laws that purportedly protect farmed animals are complied with. Already existing legislation includes prohibitions on wilful animal cruelty in the Criminal Code, provincial requirements for people who have animals under their care to provide the animals with a base level of care, and federal regulations that prohibit a selection of cruel treatment of farmed animals. Across the board, these laws are badly under-enforced. MFA Canada is working to change that.

However, even the laws that do exist to protect farmed animals are dismal. Many provinces exempt “generally accepted agricultural practices” from their cruelty legislation. There are serious gaps in the laws and regulations that apply to the lives, transportation, and slaughter of farmed animals. Some of the regulations that do exist are overly vague. Others are inhumane; for example, cattle, sheep, and goats can specifically be transported for up to 52 hours without food, water, or rest.

Therefore, MFA Canada works for law reform. Agribusiness should be held to strict standards. An overwhelming majority of Canadians already believe that farmed animals should be free from physical and psychological suffering. Yet, sadly, even this basic standard is far from being met. MFA Canada works to bring animal agriculture into alignment with the values of compassionate Canadians.

Corporate Outreach

Animal suffering is reduced both when welfare standards improve and when consumers move towards making more vegan consumption choices. Therefore, MFA Canada works with agribusiness, retailers, and suppliers to implement and improve animal protection policies and to produce and provide more vegan products.

Publicity from investigations coupled with a large base of supporters gives us the clout needed to convince businesses that eliminating animal suffering is a smart choice. Share our work and become a supporter today.

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